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5 Yard Kilt with Flashes by John Morrison

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151.20 From 136.08
or 2722 airgid
126.00 From 113.40
or 2268 airgid
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Product summary

Men's Kilt, 5 Yard, 100% Wool, Traditional Hand Made To Your Own Specifications

Description: This Kilt is made to measure to the very highest standards by our expert kiltmakers in Scotland. It is a great choice as a wedding kilt.

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Product options

All measurements on our site are given in inches
XThe way your back part of the kilt will be pleated. In knife pleats all pleats face the same way. In box pleats one pleat consists of two knife pleats facing each other and giving a flat portion facing out.
XThe fringe of the kilt appears on the right edge of the front apron, a double fringe is standard but if you prefer a thicker fringe you can choose triple, or for a smooth edge to the apron choose no fringe.
XPlease kneel on the ground, place the tape just an inch above the belly button then measure down to the floor. Please don't look down - this will alter the measurement. Read more
XPlease put your feet together, and then measure the broadest part of your hips, usually around the buttocks. Read more
XThis measurement is taken around the waist at navel level. You should be able to put two fingers between your body and the measuring tape. Read more
XThe method of pleating your kilt. In pleating to the sett the fabric is folded in such a way that the pattern of the sett is repeated all around the kilt. Your kilt will look much the same from the front as from the back. In pleating to the stripe - a vertical stripe is selected and the fabric will be folded so that this stripe runs down the center of each pleat. Your kilt will look different from the front than it does from the back.