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Borthwick Clan


Qui conducit
(He who leads)

Badge description

A moor's head couped Proper wreathed Argent and Sable.


Borthwick Castle, Lothian


The House of Borthwick, one of the most ancient in Scotland, trace their origins from Hungary - the first coming to Scotland in the train of Margaret Atheling, St. Margaret, who married Malcolm Canmore, 1071. Her mother was a daughter of the King of Hungary, and he, or his offspring were granted lands in Southern Scotland known as the Forest of Ettrick. Their lands, on the north side of upper Teviotdale were named the Valley of the Borthwick Water. Sir William Borthwick, in 1330, joined Lord James Douglas on his crusade with Bruce's heart, but returned home after their costly encounter with the Moors in Spain during which he is said to have beheaded their leader,and a moor's head still remains the crest of the chiefly family. In about 1378 they acquired the Lothian lands of Catcune, but before long they won from the Hays the much richer property of Locherworth and there built about 1430 the majestic Borthwick Castle. The 1st Lord Borthwick was created c.1430, and from this period onwards the Lords Borthwick had immense possessions and great influence in Midlothian. After the 9th Lord, who died without issue in 1672, there was a gap before the title was revived in 1762 by the descendant of an earlier Lord. Since the death of the 21st Lord in 1910, the title has been claimed by the head of the most senior branch, that of Crookston, who also owns Borthwick Castle.


Borthwick, Barthwick, Bortheik, Borthwyke, Borthwik, Borthweke, Borthuyke, Borthock, Borthek, Boirthvik, Boirthuik

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