About HeritageOfScotland.com

HeritageOfScotland.com offers the widest range of kilt accessories in Scotland: sporrans, ghilie shirts, tartan trousers, sgian dubhs, kilt shoes and all Clan items you can imagine. All of that plus Free Worldwide Shipping!

Since our beginnings in the street markets of Edinburgh it has been our mission to bring high-quality Scottish goods to the masses. We soon had several shops in both Edinburgh and Fife, catering to a variety of markets from souvenir shops, to kilt outfitters, to specialised high-end stores selling luxury cashmere and Scottish jewellery. But it was the launch of our website in 2004 which really helped us to achieve our dream of reaching Scots globally, and the more our company has grown the more we have been able to offer. We believe everyone should be able to follow their heart and remain true to their heritage, no matter where life takes them, and so we are incredibly proud of the huge range we offer worldwide. As one of the biggest Scottish home-ware and clothing retailers we have something for everyone; from casual party kilts to handmade 8 yard masterpieces, from funny T-shirts to stunning wedding gowns, all aimed at everyone from preteens to pensioners!

Our success of course is thanks to this huge range of products; we have offerings from every level of the market and are proud to say that we feel we have been instrumental in ensuring anyone can afford to honour their heritage, no matter what their income. But the jewel of our collection is of course the close relationship we have with amazing suppliers and craftsmen all over Scotland! We not only supply products from the biggest names in Highland wear such as Lochcarron, Thistle Shoes and Art Pewter, but also support many small companies and even individual artists to reach a worldwide client base with their authentic and passionate creations. Two of our favourite small suppliers, working in very different mediums, are Gwenda Watt of Needleworx, and Mark Turner of Mark Andrew Turner Photography. Gwenda lives and works in Stirlingshire creating beautiful tartan cushions with quirky Scottish silhouette designs such as Scottie dogs and Highland Cows, and Mark is a hugely talented young photographer now living in Bristol but retaining his passion for recording rugged Scottish landscapes with sensitivity and atmosphere.

Even since gaining our online presence, things have changed a great deal in the world of technology.  People are more connected than ever before and we are now active of a number of platforms, using eBay and Amazon to support our retail sales, but also getting to know our customers on a personal level through social media. We love to keep our followers up to date with the latest deals and products via Twitter and Pinterest (who can resist all those gorgeous photo boards!), but Facebook is our most well-loved forum for connecting with people and attaining our ultimate goal of promoting Scottish culture across the globe! We hear from our customers daily, and the customer service team love to see the photos people share with us – putting a face to the name of someone they may have been speaking with for a number of weeks is a great pleasure, as is seeing our products worn to some of the most important events of a person’s life; from tiny babes at their Christenings, to young men in their Prom kilts, blushing brides in tartan finery and much more!

Through Facebook, and this very blog, we have been able to share information about all aspects of Scottish life; our wildlife and special places, myths and legends, real history, and our vibrant and proud present. In bringing people together we are also forging bonds within the Scottish diaspora itself; nothing is more heart-warming to us than seeing a comment from someone searching for their long lost family and clan and noticing that several other followers have replied to encourage and guide their fellow Scot. Likewise, we feel so lucky to be in a position of success which allows us to share our good fortune with others, offering prizes and experiences through our online competitions to promote and support Scottish creativity and cultural appreciation.

So what does the future hold for us? No one can ever know truly, but with our new venture into weaving at our very own mill in the heart of Edinburgh finally coming to fruition, and several other exciting projects in the works, we feel confident that we will continue to grow and serve the needs of our fantastic customers all over the world. Happy birthday to us, and here’s to the next ten years!