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Brogues are shoes that are made of heavy and untanned leather, heretofore worn in Scotland and Ireland. Brogue also refers to Oxford shoes that have fringe or wing tips. The word also survived in American English as the term "Brogans" from the Appalachian and Southern dialects. [1]

Ghillie Brogues, or Ghillies, are also a type of shoe with laces along the instep and no tongue, especially those used for Scottish country dancing. Although now worn for dancing and social events, ghillies originated as a shoe that would dry quickly due to the lack of a tongue, and not get stuck in the mud because of their laces above the ankle.

The gaelic bróg is a shoe. The term "brogan" adds the gaelic án suffix which can indicate a diminutive or affectionate usage.

Example of Oxford Brogues
Example of Oxford Brogues