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Kilts for men - all

Kilts for every occasion: formal, traditional, casual and contemporary kilts.

A kilt is a traditional apparel of Scottish and by extension Celtic, culture that exists in many forms inspired by the historical garment.

For a formal event, like a wedding, graduation ceremony, gala, formal dinner, Burn's Supper, Hogmanay, reception or ball we recommend 8 yard or 5 yard traditional wool kilts. The difference between 8 yard and 5 yard kilt is mainly the depth of the pleats at the back of the kilt. Because of that, the 8 yard kilta are heavier.

We stock hundreds of casual kilts in a wide range of tartans. If you are looking for a kilt that can be worn for a rugby or football match, Perth kilt run, party or pub, Highland Games, Tartan Day or other less formal event, then we strongly recommend our 8 yard casual kilts, that are lighter than traditional wool ones and come in a very affordable price. more about the kilt