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Please note: fees & taxes section is for attention of our international (non-EU) customers only. NO additional charges ever apply to any orders from the EU (including Great Britain).

According to our previous experiences, overseas customers usually are not obliged to pay any duties or taxes. However, your local customs authorities may apply import duties in individual cases. We can take no responsibility for such taxes, or for any goods seized by import authorities due to local regulations, such as organic matter or weaponry. If you have any doubts, please check with your local authorities before placing any order.


  1. General dispatch information
  2. Some shipping restrictions and Import duties
  3. Delivery options information

General dispatch notes

  1. FREE SHIPPING. Our free shipping method is not trackable. Import duties may apply upon arrival of the parcel even if the shipping is free. We do not take responsibility for them.
  2. If customer refuses to pay the import duties, to collect the parcel, parcel is sent back to us and our company has to cover the import duties along with the costs of shipping it back to us. If customer cancels the order, we may refund it only partially, due to the extra expenses ou company had to cover.
  3. We DO NOT ship parcels to PO (BFPO) boxes. Please make sure you can supply an address where the parcel can be signed for during the day.
  4. CUSTOM CHARGES. Non-EU parcels are charged NET PRICE only. That does not mean tax won't apply. In our experience most of the parcels are are collected without any extra charges. However, the law changes and it varies in different countries. Please check the list of some common destinations with information about the Import Duties and broker services charges. More information available on your country government's websites. The method of delivery (airfreight, express courier, sea cargo, post services) will determine the Customs clearance formalities and charges.
  5. Please be aware that everything in our online shop is sold as for a private use therefore Fedex's Commercial Invoices state: PERSONAL USE, product, not suitable for resale.
  6. However, in case when there are multiple packages to the same addressee from a single consignor overseas that arrive at about the same time, then the value of all packages will be combined for duty and tax assessment purposes.

Some Shipping Restrictions and Import Duties


Detailed information available here or at Customs Information and Support Centre (CISC) - phone no 1300 363 263 or email

All goods may be imported duty and tax free if their value is $1.000 or less. You still might be charged the surcharges (broker services charges) that may apply upon the arrival of the parcel.

  • Imported goods arriving by post will be released duty and tax free by Customs for delivery direct to the addressee.
    • in these cases, you will be contacted and notified of the action you must take.
  • Imported goods arriving otherwise than by post will require the completion of a Self Assessed Clearance (SAC) declaration before clearance from Customs control.
    • no cost recovery charges are imposed by Customs on SAC declarations but administrative/processing charges may be imposed by carriers acting on your behalf.

Customs Duty for parcels worth more then $1.000 is based on the calculations made upon the arrival of the parcel.

Irrespective of how your imported goods arrive in Australia, you will be required to lodge a formal Customs import declaration if their value is above $1,000, and to pay the calculated duty and taxes.

  • Duty, where applicable, is based on the classification of the goods within the Customs Tariff Act 1985. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is also payable on most goods at a rate of 10%.
  • Formal import declarations can be lodged either electronically or by document as follows:
    • Electronic lodgement: obtain a digital certificate in order to communicate with Customs' electronic systems to complete a formal import declaration or engage the services of a customs broker (listed in the Yellow Pages); or
    • Documentary lodgement: go to the nearest Customs office and present the necessary documentation including evidence of identity.


Detailed information available here.

There is no information about specific import duties as they depend on various steps taken at the customs upon arrival of the parcel.

Import taxes are based on the type of item you are importing and where it's coming from.

Packages whose declared value is under $200 will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP. However, CBP always reserves the right to require a formal entry for any importation and generally exercises this option if there is something unusual about the importation, or if important documents such as an invoice or bill of sale do not accompany the item.

If any duty is owed, CBP will charge a processing fee for clearing your package. Duty and the processing fee are usually paid at your local post office, where your package is forwarded.

Courier Shipping: Goods shipped by courier, express, or other commercial service usually are expedited through CBP by a customs broker hired by that commercial service and then delivered seamlessly to your door. Customs brokers are not CBP employees. There are a number of different charges associated with these services, including shipping and handling, the fees charged by the service for clearing the merchandise through CBP, as well as any Customs duty and processing fees that may be owed on your importation.


Detailed information available here and here.

Import tax for products purchased abroad is 13%.

Fees for customs brokers services are the charges that can really catch you by surprise. Courier companies and postal services use customs brokers to get packages processed through Canada Customs at the Canadian border. Fees for that service will be passed along to you.

Our company DOES NOT cover the broker services charges.


Detailed information avialble here, here and here.

All goods and means of transport moved through the customs border of the Russian Federation must be declared to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation.

According to the Customs Tariff, import customs duties are levied as a percentage of the customs cost of goods and range from 0% to 30%.

HOWEVER, based on our customers experience, the import duties were even reaching the level of 70% of the imported products value. The import duties do not reffer to parcels under 90 pounds.

The customs rules and procedures change often, so to get the latest update contact Customs Department of Sheremetyevo II international airport in Moscow at +7 095 578-7653, There are also customs information desks in the airport.


United States Of America - Forbidden products:

  • Seal skin products
  • armouries

Importing goods that are unsafe, that fail to meet health code requirements, or that violate quota restrictions could end up costing you quite a bit of money in fines and penalties. At the very least, such goods would be detained, and possibly destroyed, by CBP

Australia - Detailed information available at: Telephone: 02 6275 5873 E-mail:

Restricted Import - Weaponry, to find out more please contact: Customs Firearms and Weapons Section

Delivery options

UPS for UK and international deliveries

If customer refuses to collect the parcel because of the extra charges, parcel is posted back to us. In this case, our company is obliged to cover the costs of posting the parcel back and all the charges that are due to pay. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse a full refund for the parcel.

Fees for customs brokers services sometimes may come as a surprise. Courier companies and postal services use customs brokers to get packages processed through Canada Customs at the Canadian border. It is the customer who has to cover the fees for these services.

As a buyer please be aware that the purchase price does include shipping and handling but it doesn't include any costs associated with clearing the package through CBP. Our company cannot be responsible for any brokers fees and CBP duties that may be applied to the parcel by the country of destination's authorities. Please learn about any additional fees that may be applied to your parcel before placing an order to avoid misunderstandings.

Royal Mail - UK and international delivery services. We offer those services for parcels of value around 30 pounds and less. However, this method is not recommended as it is non-trackable.