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Duke Of Fife Modern



16 oz (heavy weight)
Great for traditional Scottish kilt.

12-13 oz (medium weight)
If you plan to wear your kilt on a very hot day, a medium weight material will suit you very well. This weight is also good for skirts, and handbags.

10 oz (light weight)
Not recommended for a kilt, as it will be too light. If you are buying a skirt or a tartan dress, this will be the right choice.

Order a Swatch
To check the material. It costs £5.10 and is fully reimbursable towards your next purchase.


From a pattern book of Fraser Ross & Co., Glasgow c.1870-1880. Sample in McGregor Hastie Collection at Scottish Tartans Society. Duchess of Fife #781 (original Scottish Tartans Authority reference) is the same but with blue in place of black. Said to have been designed for the celebration of the wedding of Louise, the Princess Royal, daughter of Edward VII, and grand daughter of Queen Victoria, to Alexander Duff, the first Duke of Fife. The sett differs slightly from the modern district tartan. Referred to as Fife District in 'Tartans' by Johnston/Smith 1999.

House of Edgar 13oz (medium)


Cost: £ 53.76

Availablity   5 - 7 weeks

DC Dalgleish 11oz (light)


Cost: £ 63

Availablity   5 - 7 weeks