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Men's Kilts

Perhaps nothing is more closely associated with Scotland than the kilt. Now part of the national costume, you will find kilts being worn at everything from weddings to international sports matches. Either worn casually or as part of a full outfit, this recognisable garment is the best way to show off your Scottish heritage.

Our range of ‘off the peg’ kilts are designed to cater for different occasions. The 5-yard gents kilts are made for casual wear, perhaps best suited to international sports fixtures and stag dos in warmer climates. These kilts are ideal for gifts too as they are a lighter weight alternative to the more traditional 8 or 9 yard kilts.

The Heritage of Scotland range of deluxe men’s kilts consists of 8-yard kilts made with a 16oz heavyweight material. These deluxe kilts are designed to be worn as a semi-formal option and are perfect for rugby games and football matches.

Our kilts are available in a variety of popular tartans such as Black Watch, MacDonald and Stewart Royal.

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