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Men's Kilts and Kilt Accessories

Our Kilts & Kilt Accessories category contains a huge variety of products. You can find everything you could possibly need to match with your kilt. We recommend using the product filters on the left hand side to find exactly what you’re looking for. From clan products like cufflinks and tartan ties to products such as kilt jackets and ghillie brogues, there is something to complete every Scottish kilt outfit.

The starting point is our range of men’s kilts available in a variety of popular tartans such as: Black Watch, MacDonald and Stewart Royal. We have lighter weight 5-yard kilts for casual wear as well as a selection of 8-yard deluxe kilts that you can purchase ‘off the peg’. Pair your choice of kilts with the accessories and other garments in our range for the complete look.

Perhaps no kilt accessory is more recognisable than the sporran. This pouch, worn hanging from the waist, is used to compensate for a lack of pockets on a kilt. They come in a variety of styles and different levels of ornamentation are worn for different occasions. A full dress sporran is the most ornate and usually comes with a full fur front and tassels. These full dress sporrans are worn for the most formal of occasions. Semi-dress sporrans usually take the shape of a casual day sporran but can still be worn as part of an Argyll outfit to formal occasions. Don’t forget to browse our range of sporran chains to go with your new accessory.

Sgian Dubhs have also become a large part of the modern kilt outfit. These small knives are usually housed in a leather sheath and are now an item of national costume as opposed to the everyday tool they used to be. Sgian Dubhs come in a variety of forms and are sometimes decorated with a clan badge or a celtic design made from pewter. This accessory is worn in the top of your kilt hose on the side of your dominant hand and is held in place by the garters.

Here you will also find our range of clan products. With everything from kilt pins to wool ties in your clan tartan. Perhaps the highlight is our selection of clan gift sets that include: cufflinks, a belt buckle, kilt pin and a sgian dubh, all packaged in a presentation gift box. If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little out of the ordinary this might be the perfect idea.