Lennox Purple Dress

16 oz (heavy weight)

Great for traditional Scottish kilt.

12-13 oz (medium weight)

If you plan to wear your kilt on a very hot day, a medium weight material will suit you very well. This weight is also good for skirts, and handbags.

10 oz (light weight)

Not recommended for a kilt, as it will be too light. If you are buying a skirt or a tartan dress, this will be the right choice.

Order a Swatch

To check the material. It costs £5.10 and is fully reimbursable towards your next purchase.


Lennox Purple Dress DC DALGLIESH
Availability: 5 - 7 weeks

Names associated with this clan


MacFarlane, Stewart


Allan Allanson Bartholomew Bryce Callander Caw Galloway Griesck Gruamach Kinnieson Lennox MacAindra MacAllan MacCause MacCaw MacCondy MacEoin MacErracher MacFarlane MacGaw MacGeoch Macgreusich Macinstalker MacIock MacJames MacKinlay MacNair MacNeur MacNider MacNiter MacRob MacRobb MacWalter MacWilliam Miller Monach Parlane Robb Stalker Thomason Weaver Webster Weir Wylie Boyd Cook Crookshanks Cruickshanks Duilach France Francis Fuliarton Fullerton Garrow Gray Jameson Jamieson Lay Lennox Lombard Lome MacCamie MacCloy MacGlashan MacKirdy MacMichael MacMunn MacMutrie Menteith Moodie Monteith Munn Sharp Stewart Stuart