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A wide selection of mens
Best choice of tartan and Scottish clothes and accessories!  Formal and informal dresses and skirts, handbags, jewellery,  footwear and many more. Show off your Scottishness with pride!
Everything tartan for your little Scot! A broad range of  accessories for girls, boys and babies. Pass your heritage on!  We have a comprehensive collection of tartan and Scottish themed  clothing...
Best choice of original decorations and gifts! Wide selection of  gift sets and all sorts of items to make your home feel like a  Scottish home.
Kilt packages
There might be no tartan linked to your name, but you might be a member of a Scottish clan. Click here to find out.
Use our tartan guide and finder to look through our tartan base, with over 1500 patterns. Finding your tartan is fast and easy!
Married in a Tartan Dress
The warmer months are coming, and so is the wedding season. As it's considered to be one of the most important days in one's life...
What is the difference between Irish Whiskey and Scottish Whisky?
Whisky or whiskey? Some of you may think it's just a matter of orthography, but there is a distinct difference between these two d...
The Charm of Chanonry Point
As spring is approaching, slowly but steadily, it's the best time to plan your first weekend trips. If you live in Scotland or by ...
Sport Kilts
While the idea of doing sport in a kilt might seem mad at first, and in fact it is – at least without some improvements - as do...
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There are no kilts like the ones from Scotland. Even if you like modern ones such as sport or utility kilts, when you want to show your heritage with dignity - then it has to be a real, Scottish wool kilt. We have it!

We offer a wide range of kilts at competetive prices: casual (daily, polyviscose), traditional, wool, 5 or 8 yards, available in over 1500 tartans. But a traditional outfit is not only a highland dress – we offer huge amount of kilt accessories to finish off your look. If you are a proud member of a Scottish Clan, Heritage of Scotland has a wide range of Clan items – from clan crested kilt pins, through belt buckles to thimbles and toasting glasses. Don't hide your clan appurtenance!

Our traditional, wool, tartan kilts are made in Scotland, and we can proudly say that they are one of the best on the Scottish market. Check our reviews to get a proof or let over 120 000 of our fans on Facebook speak for themselves. We always sell our items at best price available - so whenever you look for a tartan kilt, a sporran, ghillie shirt or a piece of celtic jewellery for your lass, you will find the best choice and the best prices at HeritageOfScotland.com