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Welcome to our special kilt packages offer.

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Browse through our extensive packages, there is something for everybody!

Boy's Kilt Outfits

We have an assortment of Boy’s outfit. These outfits will raise your standard and much more, keeping you in tune with the Scottish Heritage and raise your flare for fashion in a Scottish style.

Ladies Kilt Outfits

Ladies show off your Scottish heritage, look both stunning and elegant!

Mens Budget Outfits

If you are looking for a smart and sensible outfit, but want to spend less, then this is your one stop shop!

Mens Prestige Outfits

Look no further for that extra special look and feel. These outfits will awaken your desire to belong to everything Scottish. These outfits will propel you to new heights and in an instant make you ooze with confidence.

Classic Argyll Outfits

The Argyll outfit is a versatile and a less formal outfit than the Prince Charlie Outfit. Worn with a standard white shirt and classic tie, it is suitable for any type of function. Traditionally the Argyll is the ideal attire for ushers or guests at a wedding and is also suitable for functions such as Burns Suppers or ceilidhs.

Dashing Tweed Kilt Outfits

The name Tweed originated from the Scottish word "Tweel" and came about by chance. It is a fabric entwined in the Scottish tradition. This outfit is an alternative to the full Highland Dress package. This attire was mostly used as daywear, but for the new generation it has a ready-to-wear, any time, any place look and is acceptable for all occasions.

Official Prince Charlie Outfits

The Prince Charlie outfit is a traditional and timeless classic, which has remained unchanged over the years. Together with a wing collar shirt, bow tie and full-dress sporran, it is considered to be the correct dress for a wedding or formal function.